The 5 Pillars of an EVP That Attracts and Retains Top Talent

Your current and prospective employees have new expectations of you. Find out what they are.

1. Compensation

2. Total rewards package

“Any company can provide money—it has to be the total package.”

Tamla Oates-Forney, Former Chief People Officer at Waste Management

​​“There is such a war for talent that compensation isn’t a differentiator.”

Tamla Oates-Forney, Former Chief People Officer at Waste Management

3. Career advancement opportunities

“The most innovative companies are realizing the best thing they can do to differentiate themselves as an employer is to offer economic mobility, reskilling, and the opportunity to gain more skills or move up within a company.”

Rachel Romer, CEO and Founder of Guild

4. Contribution to the world

“Employees are going to want to work for organizations that can get behind a purpose and not just talk about it but actually live it.”

Tawanda Starms, VP of Talent and Culture at Chipotle

5. Culture

“I think it says a lot about Chipotle as a company that they’re willing to invest in their people because cultivating a better world doesn’t just mean food and the food industry. It also means cultivating people and they truly do do that.”

Alyssa Riegel, Chipotle Employee and Learner

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