We’re making economic mobility a reality for millions of Americans — one company at a time.

Sherry is just one of the tens of millions of Americans who struggle to advance in their careers because they lack access to education and professional support. Meanwhile, companies constantly work to fill open roles due to employee turnover and a lack of qualified candidates.

When Tyson Foods hired Sherry as a machine operator, she didn’t just start a new job; she started on the path toward a new life. Through Tyson’s partnership with Guild, Sherry was able to earn her high school diploma while continuing to move up in the organization.

Since starting at Tyson Foods, Sherry has been promoted three times. She currently works as a production supervisor and is applying to colleges where she hopes to earn a degree in human resources.

Sherry’s success represents what Guild learners are achieving at scale. On average, Guild learners are 2.6x more likely to change roles within their companies compared to their colleagues who do not participate in the Guild benefit.1

When companies invest in their people, their employees and their business both benefit.

Attract talent

1 in 4

1 in 4 applicants cite Disney Aspire as their primary reason for applying to hourly roles at the Walt Disney company.2

Increase Retention


On average, Guild Learning Marketplace learners were 2.3x less likely to leave their employer in the last 12 months relative to non-members.1

Develop Diverse Leaders


57% of Guild Learning Marketplace learners identify as people of color. 61% identify as women.3

Case study

How Bon Secours Mercy Health is creating its future workforce through career pathways.

Bon Secours Mercy Health, one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems, needed to address acute talent shortages today while building the workforce of tomorrow. The solution? Offering tuition-free education aligned to career pathways that fill talent gaps and also enable career and economic mobility.
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  1. Guild’s internal data over the last 12 months as of 01/01/2024 from employers who have provided the required data for at least 13 months post launch.
  2. As of August 2022.
  3. Guild’s internal data over the last 12 months as of 01/01/2024.
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