Effectively Serving a New Population of Learners

Bellevue University mapped out first-time-in-college (FTIC) learner experiences to create a smoother on-ramp for students with no prior college experience.
Bellevue University Case Study
Alex Cannon

Alex Cannon

January 7th, 2023

Identifying the needs of a new student population

75% of Guild members enrolled in programs within Guild’s certified network do not have a degree beyond high school. Of them, over 1/3 have no prior college experience.

Guild’s Internal Data Over Prior 12 Months as of July 1st, 2022

“The problem was, because we were traditionally serving so many transfer students, our faculty had gotten used to a faster pace and starting at a higher level.”

Mary Hawkins, Bellevue University President

Partnering with Guild to drive first-time learner success

Shared responsibility, shared success

“The one thing I will say about working with Guild is it’s a fabulous opportunity to see your institution from other lenses, and to realize (although) we want to do the right thing, sometimes you have blinders on or you just don’t see where things aren’t working... you can use your partners to get that further insight into your organization and what you need to do.”

Dr. Mary Hawkins, President at Bellevue University




  1. Guild’s internal data over the last 12 months as of 07.01.2022
  2. 76% of surveyed Guild members attending programs in Guild’s certified network are first-generation college students. Source: Guild’s survey responses from random and representative Guild Certified Network learners over the last 12 months as of 07.01.2022
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