DE&I Strategy: 7 Benchmarks for Equitable Talent Development

It's time to understand how many existing L&D programs shut out diverse frontline talent – and how employers are called to advance equitable access to career advancement in their organizations.
Matthew J. Daniel

Matthew J. Daniel

January 23rd, 2022

7 benchmarks for talent development that drives DE&I

1. Access

2. Alignment

3. Agility

4. Affordability

5. Assistance

6. Analytics

7. Activation

Bottom line? Your talent development strategies must be equitable to make an impact

“These longstanding systemic challenges have too often prevented access to the benefits of economic growth and mobility for too many, and a broad and diverse group of Americans is demanding change. It is our employees, customers and communities who are calling for change, and we are listening – and most importantly – we are taking action.”

Doug McMillan, CEO of Walmart at a Business Roundtable (2020)
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