3 Learning Strategies to Combat the Nursing Shortage — While Creating Equity

Leading healthcare employers are combatting the nursing shortage by enabling upward career mobility with these proven strategies.
how employers can combat the nursing shortage
Marty Reid

Marty Reid

June 9th, 2022

1. Competency-based education

“It works well for the lives of students. The program is flexible so they can self-pace and take on bits and pieces when they are available.”

Nicole Simonson DNP, RN, Director of RSN-to-BSN Completion Programs at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

2. Credit for prior learning

“It was really cool to be able to count my on-the-job training as credits for school because in the long run it saved me time and it saved me money potentially. It kind of showed me that what I was learning on the job was actually applicable to my degree.”

Guild Learner Surveyed

3. Stackable credentials

Equitable education is a win-win solution

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  2. Nursing Workforce Projections by Ethnicity and Race 2014 - 2030 | HRSA Health Workforce
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