‘Own your own development’ is out of touch: To invest in talent, do this instead 

It's time leadership took a long, hard look at their current L&D practices to better understand how they can help employees from all different backgrounds reach their full potential.
Matthew J. Daniel

Matthew J. Daniel

April 26th, 2023

Employees who understand their career options are more likely to move into new roles

40% of the U.S. labor force are hourly workers.

Disney successfully enrolls 14,000+ hourly members in education and skilling programs

The ROI of fostering occupational identity and owning talent development for all workers

“If low-wage workers are managed well and given the appropriate career guidance and mentorship to develop, they usually want to stay and grow with the organizations that employ them. And when they do that, not only do most of them thrive personally and professionally, but the companies they work for benefit substantially.”

"The High Cost of Neglecting Low-Wage Workers" By Joseph Fuller and Manjari Raman on Harvard Business Review

4 steps for organizations to invest in — and ‘own’ — employee development equitably and at scale

1. Show people where they can grow with assessments and skills-matching tools — but make sure to capture more than just the usual education and work experience.

2. Make career pathways clear and visible — and tell the story of those who have already made the transition.

3. Create proactive mentorship through growth and career coaches.

4. Make learning free – no tuition required.

Help each and every employee build the careers they want and gain the skills your organization needs.

  1. Guild’s internal data over the last 12 months as of 01/01/2023 from employers who have provided the required data for at least 13 months post launch
  2. Average of all Return on Investment analyses conducted by Guild for employer partners as of 01/01/2023
  3. Guild’s internal data over the last 12 months as of 01/01/2023
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