How Employers Should Support Career Advancers in Financial Services

Highly-motivated financial services employees who want to advance their careers are pursuing employer-funded credentials. Here's how they are evaluating them.

Career advancers in financial services know the importance of lifelong learning

Employees in finance tend to have a sense of urgency around education

Pay, job security, and pathways are primary motivators to stay in the industry

Survey respondents indicated that pay, job security, and upwardly mobile pathways are the most important pull factors for remaining in the financial services industry.

Guild Survey of Working Adult Learners, March 2022

Flexibility and affordability are highly important in an education program

Question #1: Is this the right program for my skills needs?

Question #2: Can I easily access this program?

Question #3: Is the institution trustworthy?

  1. Survey methodology: Guild sent a survey to 1,323 individuals across industries using an online research panel aggregator in March, 2022, resulting in 819 qualified respondents. Of this sample, we looked at a segment of 236 working adults in the financial industry (n=81) or interested in entering the financial industry (n=180).
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