Top talent principles for the future of work in financial services

An investment in the career growth of existing employees is imperative to drive business, talent, and innovation outcomes in financial services.
Dani Turnbull

Dani Turnbull

January 28th, 2023

Nearly 20% (of financial services leaders) expect so much transformation that the industry will be almost unrecognizable compared to that of today.

Gartner Research on the Future of Financial Services¹

Lack of career growth is hindering talent attraction and retention in financial services

Employee-led education benefits are no longer enough

Pie graph showing where employees hope to be in 2-5 years. 20% want to be in a new role with a new employer. 11% want to be in a similar role at a new employer. 36% want to be in the same role and their current employer. 34% want to be in a role role with their current employer. 64% hope to be in a new role within the next 2-5 years.
PwC survey results of financial service professionals on projected career paths

Attract and retain top financial services talent with career pathways

Graphic showing an entry level role (Call center) to a gateway role (Finance specialist) to a destination role (Finance manager)
Example career pathway in financial services

Offer equitable, accessible education programs to transform your frontline workforce

Case study: How Rocket Central increased employee participation 500% in 16 months

“One of the real challenges in America is access to education for underrepresented groups, and while tuition reimbursement programs may seem to offer a solution, the programs exclude people who do not have the ability to pay for the classes upfront or wait until the end of the course to get reimbursed by their employer.”

KimArie Yowell, Chief Learning Officer at Rocket Central
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