How Tech Skilling Can Help Working Adult Learners Overcome Common Mid-Career Hurdles

Data-backed insights on why mid-level employees are seeking out tech credentials to uplevel their careers, and how you can best retain this growing talent pool.
tech upskilling
Alex Cannon

Alex Cannon

February 24th, 2022

Why leading Fortune 1000 companies are skilling mid-level employees into tech roles

Why mid-level professionals "job hop" (and how to get ahead of it)

1. Low to no internal mobility

2. Burnout or career slump

“I’m trying to find a way to feel less overwhelmed and balance myself better.”

Mid-Level Employee on Reason for Considering Career Change

3. Lack of professional development opportunities

Insights to help drive solutions for mid-level employees skilling into new roles

Mid-level skilling needs now vs. next role

What do mid-level skillers want to learn?

Mid-level skillers are seeking a combination of durable and perishable skills

Primary concerns when choosing skilling programs

What's important to mid-level employees navigating programs

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