The surprising way chipotle increased job applications by 46%

Chipotle's secret ingredient to frontline talent attraction? Tuition-free education.
Matthew J. Daniel

Matthew J. Daniel

December 30th, 2021

The challenge: Turnover spike hurts Chipotle’s ability to meet summer sales demands

The solution: With tuition-free degrees, Chipotle makes education a reason to stay — rather than to leave

Chipotle marketed their ability to provide career mobility to crew members

The result: Chipotle leveraged its education benefit to unlock new talent pipelines

Applications are great – but what about turnover?

Career Advancement at Chipotle

Meet Iris

From crew Member to HR Field Manager with tuition-free education.

Higher compensation won’t win the war for talent – opportunity will

“To be able to say, ‘we offer education benefits through Guild so you can have the job and go back to school’ — Why wouldn’t I shout about that from the rooftops?”

Joe Albano, Senior Manager of National Recruiting at Chipotle
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