How to make a career map

Getting from point A to point B in your career is easier to achieve when you have a map to guide you on your journey.

What’s a career map? 

How to make a career map in three steps

1. Plot your starting point on your career map

2. Determine where your career map leads you

Reflect: Imagine it’s five years from now and everything is going your way professionally. What do you do for work? What does an average day look like? It’s vital to envision not only what you’re doing but how you’re feeling while you’re doing it. Getting a crisp picture of this in your mind will help make the destination feel more real.

Try this: Writing out your big goal can help make it more real for you. Take 2 minutes to grab a pen (or text a friend!) and write a sentence: I will pursue a career in ____ because I want ____ and it matters because____.

3. Building the route along your career map

Guild Learner Story: Doris E.

Bringing it all together: Putting your map to work

Reflect: Creating a career map can be challenging. Try taking a moment to pause and reflect. What thoughts and feelings came up as you learned about career mapping? What are you excited about? What do you feel nervous or anxious about?

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