Driving Business and Talent Outcomes with Career Pathways (Webinar Recap)

Join The Josh Bersin Company, industry leaders and Guild as we unpack the strategic advantages of career pathways for your people and your business.
driving business and talent outcomes with career pathways
Matthew J. Daniel

Matthew J. Daniel

February 9th, 2023

  • Josh Bersin (The Josh Bersin Group)
  • Nehal Nangia (Research Analyst, The Josh Bersin Group)
  • Matthew J. Daniel (Principal of Talent Mobility and Strategy, Guild)
  • Olivia Walsh (VP Talent and Culture, Tyson)
  • Joe Gage (CHRO, Bon Secours Mercy Health)

The complexities of today’s talent landscape

  • Baby Boomers are retiring
  • The fertility rate is now below replacement rate in almost every developed economy – even China.
  • Employees today want more flexibility
  • Businesses are moving into new industries, downsizing and upsizing at the same time as they transform, requiring new skills and new roles to be filled

Is skilling alone enough?

(Poll) Have you integrated career pathways into your organization’s talent strategy?

  • No, not yet – 25%
  • Yes, in beginning stages – 50%
  • Yes, but it needs work – 21%
  • Yes, comprehensive work that’s going well – 4%

Growth is a talent attraction magnet

“82% of those engaged with the [Guild] program have done so within their first 30 days at Tyson.”

Olivia Walsh, Head of Talent and Culture at Tyson

If you want the workforce of the future, you’re going to have to build it

“Labor is our #1 cost... most healthcare systems in America are upside down right now.”

Joe Gage, CHRO of Bon Secours Mercy Health (BSMH)

A talent attraction magnet

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