Opportunity Summit 2023: Key insights from Fortune 1000 leaders

Here's the inspiration you need to keep your talent, business, and communities rising.
Panelists on the stage at the Guild Opportunity Summit 2023

Let’s create opportunity, together.

Insight #1: Your talent strategy is your business strategy.

“The next crisis is a big wave. We need to prepare for that big wave now.”

Dean Carter, Guild’s Chief People and Purpose officer

Building internal opportunity is the force multiplier today’s talent leaders need.

Insight #2: Skilling your workforce effectively means meeting your employees where they are in life and in their career journey.

The word “skilling” doesn’t resonate with employees in the same way it does with HR and business leaders. What does? Economic and career mobility.

Within two months of Charter Communications launching its Guild partnership, 35% of employees had created an account, 12% had already submitted an application, and 4% employees have already become enrolled learners.

Beth Biggs, Group Vice President, Benefits & ESC, at Charter Communications

Employers of opportunity aren’t gatekeeping skills of the future — like AI.

“We have an incredible opportunity to help people adapt to a changing landscape — to bring them along and support them, while also ensuring our businesses thrive. With advancements in AI we are also at risk, as a country, of leaving people behind, especially the most marginalized.”

Bijal Shah, Guild's Interim CEO

Insight #3: Focus on culture to unlock retention and attraction.

“As a society we’re trained to believe that this is the ticket to employment opportunity: if you get your work done, success will follow… but that leaves out one key ingredient: luck.”

Terrence Cummings, Guild’s Chief Opportunity Office

Insight #4: Strategic long-term talent investments yielding short term benefits is the business case for mobility your CFO needs to hear.

“Know what your CFO’s pain points are and what they are responsible for. The more you put yourself in those shoes, the better you are at understanding what they want their HR partner to come and speak with them about. Come in with a bit of a framework and a plan rather than a concept.”

Sarah King, Chief People & Diversity Officer, Darden

Insight #5: De-siloed efforts among employers of opportunity, the right platform, and the right skilling partners scale results.

What opportunity will be unlocked in 2024?

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