People come to Guild to grow.

Imagine working for a company where you didn’t have to choose between doing good and doing well.

Next-level benefits

Where you are compensated in ways that matter to you.

At Guild, every employee is granted equity in the company and a rewards package that includes benefits like onsite childcare, an open paid time off policy, and of course, access to education and support to grow your career. 
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Career growth

Where you are given the opportunity and support to advance in your career.

We work as hard to support the career mobility of our own employees as we do to support employees at the companies we serve.
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Where diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of everything we do.

Our workforce north star is to reflect the members and learners we serve. 
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Future of work

Where you are practicing the future of work you help create.

We’re pioneering new ways of working by helping employees design their work around their lives instead of the other way around.
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Career Mobility at Guild

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Our values

Our decisions and actions are guided by values that allow us to grow as a business while staying true to the impact we’re out to create.

Nurture a learner’s mindset

We are fueled by curiosity, consciously seeking to make ourselves, each other, and the work continuously better.

Be an owner

We each own a piece of Guild – as owners, we take responsibility today and always for our voices, actions, and long-term impact.

Build shared success

We strive for the win-wins in serving all of our stakeholders, knowing we deliver the best outcome when we collaborate and assume positive intent.

Create belonging

We are cultivating a community rooted in diversity and respect, with heart and commitment, that's in service of both our culture and all of our stakeholders.

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