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5 ways HR leaders are using AI today

by Dan Tynan
Contributing writer

1. AI as a force multiplier for small HR departments

“Because I am a team of one, and all of my other colleagues are ruthlessly prioritizing what they need to do on the product side of things, I’m leveraging AI to be more efficient.”

Alicia Henriquez, Head of People at Liveblocks

2. A customized source of HR truth

“You can use AI bots as real time management coaches or to enable a more personalized approach to the employee experience. I think AI can be a bridge to reach younger generations entering the job market.”

Theresa Fesinstine, Founder of peoplepower.ai

3. When there aren't enough human facilitators to go around

4. Fostering a more diverse workforce

Employees who receive biased or unhelpful feedback are 63% more likely to leave their jobs. Source: Textio
Why using gender-neutral language in job postings matters
- There can be a 29% boost in the number of applicants. 
- Cost per application can be reduced by over 40%.
- Women are half as likely to consider roles if they sense hidden bias in the job descriptions. 
Source: Appcast Research

5. Transforming the employee learning experience

How are HR organizations using AI? A stylized bar chart shows that 25% use AI for performance management, 43% use AI for learning and development, and 64% use AI for hiring.

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