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How AI is being used across your workforce: An early look

by Alex Cannon
Contributing writer
Employees are broadly lacking opportunities to explore AI. % of workers without experience with AI tools — Financial services: 41%, Retail + hospitality: 57%, Healthcare: 63%
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Most healthcare workers lack opportunities to learn AI on the job. 50% of healthcare workers have basic AI awareness. 12.5% of healthcare workers have used AI tools in the workplace.
When asked about AI and their roles, healthcare employees said... 1%: AI changed their career goals, 3%: AI expanded the types of roles they'd consider, 1%: AI narrowed their future role options. Source: Guild survey data, 2024.
Healthcare workers on AI-related upskilling: 28% don't plan to learn AI-related skills, 32% plan to gain AI skills for their current role, and 40% plan to gain AI skills for a new job. Source: Guild survey data, 2024

Financial services

The opportunity for AI upskilling in financial services: 41% of financial services employees don't use AI. Source: Guild survey data, 2024
Employees using AI tools for work by industry. Heard of tools: 85% - Financial services, 54% - Healthcare, 59% - Retail. Have tried AI tools: 48% Financial services, 21% - Healthcare, 36% - Retail. Use for work: 16% - Financial services, 9% Healthcare, Retail - 8%. Source: Guild survey data.
The AI skills financial services employees are looking to develop: 
24% need to develop business skills related to the impact of AI on business functions
32% need to develop technical skills related to how to use AI 
Source: Guild survey data, 2023, n=21


Most retail employees see limited need for AI upskilling. 6% need to develop business skills related to the impact of AI on business functions. 24% need technical skills to use AI. Source: Guild survey data, 2024.

Who's using AI today?

Demographic differences in AI use point to broader DE&I implications. Quote 1: "It is a harsh reality that many people will be out of work; however, it is an extreme advantage to those who understand how to use AI effectively and develop skills for the future." Demographics: White man, early 20s, financial services, high household income >$100k. Quote 2: "I don't know much about AI tools, so I'm not even sure how I would even use them or what I would use them for. Hopefully in the future I will be able to learn more about them and try them out." Demographics: Hispanic/LatinX woman, early 40s, retail, low household income

Getting and staying ahead means addressing skills gaps now

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