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Survey: Business leaders want HR to innovate

by Sarah Beldo

What’s top of mind for business leaders

Attracting talent is the most urgent priority

“I think HR needs to re-think and re-evaluate the mentality and expectations of young workers who are not just motivated by money anymore. They need continuous learning, good work-life balance, and a satisfying career.”

Director of Cloud Operations in the Professional Services industry.

Innovation opportunity: Make career growth the heart of your EVP

Don’t deprioritize employee experience

“I would love to see programs that can build on each other, with a foundation for newer team members and in-depth learning for seasoned workers.”

Daryl, VP of Procurement Operations in the food services industry

Innovation opportunity: Double down on championing people-first programs

Continuous skilling to stay ahead

“HR should design an upskill program to promote from within, helping to maintain our culture throughout new departments and positions.”

James, an IT Director in the Manufacturing industry
53% of respondents said skills readiness is an urgent priority in 2024

Innovation opportunity: Pair skills with career pathways

Paving the way forward

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