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The skill superpower in the AI era? It's not technical.

by Shana Lebowitz Gaynor
Contributing writer

“You can have all the technical expertise you want, but it’s useless if you cannot communicate it in a way that we can digest it and understand it, if you cannot put it in a framework for us.”

Ty Beasley, Chief Talent Officer, RSM

Many workers are missing critical durable skills

Technical understanding is rarely enough 

How to close the durable skills gap

1. Foster a learner's mindset in the workplace

Employers look for candidates who embody the "5 C's": 1. Caring, 2. Collaborative, 3. Curious, 4. Courageous, 5. Critical thinkers.

2. Leaders must display their own durable skills growth

Reminder: Technical skills equip employees for the jobs of today. Durable skills equip employees for the jobs of tomorrow.

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