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HR leaders must address the latest manager burnout crisis before it’s too late

by Dan Tynan
Contributing writer
Graph showing that 42% of managers are dealing with budget cuts, 51% need to manage new people, and 64% have teams dealing with new responsibilities.

“There’s a real ripple effect. Managers who are the most burnt out tend to have direct reports who are the most burnt out.”

Laura Lomelí,  Ph.D., principal executive advisory consultant for BetterUp.

Identify the early warning signs

“As teams have gotten leaner, managers have been asked to both support their teams and play an individual contributor role. People are being spread very thin.”

Mahima Chawla, CEO and co-founder of Cocoon.
Image of the 5-part CAMPS framework.

Personalize the solutions

Proactively model a culture of work/life balance

Clarify expectations—and rescope as necessary

Graph of how managers spend their time: nearly half on non-managerial tasks and 31% on work intended for individual contributors.

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