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The new HR all-rounder: Time to up your skills

by Dan Tynan
Contributing writer

The pandemic brought challenges and opportunities

“Some people leaders are deferring critical decisions to the business,” Daniel cautions. “If HR leaders don’t lean into this moment and set the AI and skills agendas, we risk falling back into irrelevancy.”

Matthew Daniel

The need for 'Systemic HR'

“Most of the organizational structures designed for old business models aren’t useful any more. That’s why breaking down silos and developing ‘full stack’ HR professionals is crucial.”

Matthew Daniel
Companies implementing systemic HR see impressive results - 2x As likely to exceed their financial targets

Dive in and get your hands dirty

“Figuring out what the business problems are and how to solve them is the best way to learn.”

Matthew Daniel

Dedicate time for learning

“It starts when the business looks at its people team as a strategic thought partner, not just an administrative function within the organization. That’s how you crack the code.”

Matthew Daniel

Think like a consultant

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