Let’s close the opportunity gap with education.

Guild’s Learning Marketplace provides working adults with equitable access to learning programs that help open doors to new career pathways.
We partner with learning institutions that deliver measurable outcomes for working adults.

Building shared success

The Guild Career Opportunity Platform™

We connect our Learning Partners with large employers across the U.S. and their employees, helping innovative institutions access and serve America's workforce.

The Guild Career Opportunity Platform™

Tap into the workforces of some of America’s largest companies and provide them with the skills they need to advance in their careers.

Guild’s tuition assistance model facilitates payment directly from employers to learning partners — removing a financial burden that inhibits many Americans from accessing education.

Guild provides wrap-around support through our user-friendly platform and 1:1 coaching to help students enroll and persist in their programs.

Guild's education experts help learning partners intentionally design and optimize programs for those we serve, meet employer needs, and improve program outcomes.

Become a learning partner

Bring education within reach for a growing population of learners.

Over 5 million eligible employees in the last 12 months have equitable access to education through Guild’s Learning Marketplace.1

Scale access to your programs for marginalized populations.

50% +
Half of surveyed Learning Marketplace learners report a household income of less than $50k.2 50% of Learning Marketplace learners identify as people of color.1

Improve completion rates for working adults.

Employees enrolled in Guild's Learning Marketplace courses had an 87% passage rate over the last 12 months.1

Build future leaders with enriching education.

Guild Learning Marketplace learners have a 2.2x higher likelihood of internal mobility compared to non-engaged employees.3

Learning partner spotlight

Translating futures into steps

Hear from some of Guild's learning partners who are making education and skilling accessible, flexible, and equitable for working adults.

How Guild's Learning Marketplace Works

Step One

Source learning programs aligned to career mobility, designed to drive outcomes for working adults.

Step Two

Design bespoke catalogs aligned to employer mobility pathways and business priorities.

Step Three

Facilitate access to employer-sponsored education through our robust platform and services, including direct payment, a user-friendly platform, and 1:1 coaching


  1. Guild’s internal data over the last 12 months as of 01/01/2023.
  2. Guild’s survey responses from random and representative Guild Certified Network new learners over the last 24 months as of 01/01/2023.
  3. Guild’s internal data over the last 12 months as of 01/01/2023 from employers who have provided the required data for at least 13 months post launch
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