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Overwhelmed by AI? Here are the steps to start preparing your workforce

by Alana Brandes
Chief People Officer, Guild
Photo of HR leaders on stage at the BetterUp Uplift conference.

People leaders have a responsibility — to our businesses, our shareholders, our customers, and our employees — to set the direction.

Three principles to guide your approach

Turning strategy into action

Three boxes listing the three practices detailed below: Create a strategy, empower your leaders, and equip your employees.

1. Create a centralized strategy 

You’ll want to work with your closest internal stakeholders to understand where you have gaps, and build a workforce plan to address them, as well as how to deploy a meaningful skilling strategy for your business.

2. Empower your leaders

3. Equip your employees to build resilience

Don’t task them with guessing how their work will change. Instead, involve them in the conversation, empower them to experiment, and help them tap into their curiosity about how they can harness and leverage technology in their roles.

70% of Guild employees say AI has improved the efficiency of their work.

It’s time to get started

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