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The talent multiplier many companies overlook

by Alex Cannon
Managing Editor, Guild
Stat: 40% of the workforce will need to retrain in the next three years, due to the rise of AI.
stat: 9 out of 10 companies say they have a skills gap or anticipate facing one in the next few years.

Your checklist for maximizing access

List of must-haves for an accessible education benefit. These are detailed in text below.

Questions to ask when assessing your policy

Making employees wait to achieve a certain tenure in order to become eligible only slows down your reskilling progress. 

Managers have the power to make or break your reskilling efforts—so take the time to build buy-in.

Covering it keeps tuition truly free for your people.

3 more strategic areas to evaluate

Choose programs that give your employees the chance to apply what they learn through hands-on projects and feedback.

Expert coaching support can help them overcome challenges, stay motivated, and prepare for career growth.

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