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Workplace disruption isn't going away. Here's how to stay resilient.

by Alex Cannon
Contributing writer

People: Are we taking the right steps to help our talent grow? 

“The #1 most impactful practice for driving business, talent, and innovation outcomes is creating extensive career growth opportunities.”

The Josh Bersin Company research study of 94 L&D practices across 1,000+ organizations

1. Rethink “high potential.” 

2. Build occupational identity. 

3. Offer mentoring and job exploration. 

4. Align skills with mobility.

Training: Are we being strategic with skilling?

1. Balance durable and perishable skills. 

92% percent of companies agree that human or “soft” skills matter at least as much as hard skills. 


2. Prioritize learning how to learn.

Future-ready in action

“The long-term view ended up helping us in the short term. We’ve seen our turnover plummet, our vacancy has reduced by about 45% since the heart of the pandemic.”

Allan Calogne, Chief People Officer, Core Operations for Bon Secours Mercy Health

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