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How 3 HR leaders launched their innovative ideas in uncertain times

by Sarah Beldo

“Employees are absolutely expecting something different from us today than they were even a few years ago.”

Beth Biggs, Group VP, Benefits & ESC and Charter Communications

Back to basics: what is the business need?

“Flexibility is the new engagement currency, particularly in a frontline environment.”

Sarah King, Chief People and Diversity Officer at Darden

For maximum impact, think long-term 

“With SWP, we can make sure our investments in learning and development are meeting the company at its point of need. That way, when you need that talent, it’s already skilled and ready.” 

Tamla Oates-Forney, former CHRO at USAA

Never stop marketing

Lead with the math

“When you talk to your finance people and they’re asking about ROI, always go back to the data. If you don’t have data, they’re going to look at you and tell you you’re just talking about fluff.”

Beth Biggs, Charter Communications

Balancing the future with tomorrow

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